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FAQs About Judy’s Roadrunners Attorney Service

Opening an account

Is opening an account required?

Yes. There are two options for California law firms: You can choose an open credit account or a credit card account. Individuals or out of state law firms must open a credit card account.

What’s the turnaround time for processing an application?

It generally takes about 30 minutes after receiving your application to have it processed. We will email you once the application has been processed and you can begin submitting orders right away.

How much does it cost to open an account?

There is no fee for opening an account.

How much is the monthly fee for service?

There are no monthly fees for service.

General questions

I need a work order for my new service. How do I get one?

You have two options. First, you can register on our website and fill out the order online. The second option is to call us at (909) 935-5202 to speak with an associate.

I need to file or serve a new service. How do I get it to you?

You can submit it online, by fax, or by overnighting it.

I no longer need a work order I filed. What do I do?

Call Judy’s Roadrunners Attorneys Service at (909) 935-5202 to cancel your work order.

I can’t remember my password and / or user name. What do I do?

You have two options. First, you can go online to the sign in page and click “forgot password.” Your second option is to call our customer service department at (909) 935-5202 for help.

Is it possible to email a filing or service of process.

Of course. Scan the document and work order together and email it to us.

What counties in California do you cover?

Not only do we cover the entire state of California, but we handle all other states as well.

Is it necessary to get a work order every assignment?

Yes, you do need a work order for each assignment you submit. That said, you can use one work order for more than a single document. For papers that need to be served, you’ll need a separate work order for each party you need us to serve.

How does Do Today and Routine Service compare

As long as Do Today is received by our deadline, we will complete it by the end of the day. If Routine Service is received by the deadline then it will be attempted within 72 hours.

Court filings

Do all California courts accept fax filings?

As long as the fax filing conforms to their court rules, all California courts will accept fax filings. The only exceptions are the criminal court and court appeals filings.

Do all federal courts accept fax filings?

Most federal courts will accept fax filings if they conform to their court rules. The exception are courts that require the attorney to directly eFile.

Are originals required by the court?

No. California Rules of Court assure that a signature by fax transmission is an original.

Will you attach exhibit tabs?

Yes, when necessary.

How will I know my documents were filed?

Depending on the location of the court, we will call, fax, or email you the conformed copy.

How are court filing fees handled?

Submit your payment by accessing Judy’s Roadrunners Attorney Service website or contact our office.

Do I get any guarantees from you?

Yes. We guarantee that we will attempt to file your documents before the court deadlines, if received by our deadline. If we don’t, then your filing is free. Note that we must receive all pages completed and ready to file. We only guarantee an attempt to file your documents – the court clerk has the final say in whether or not it’s filed.

What happens to the original summons after it’s issued by the court?

The California Superior Court has not returned summons since 2007.

Process questions

Can you serve a faxed document?

We are able to serve any faxed documents for service of process. Note that some courts do require original documents.

Can you file a proof of service after you’ve served the documents?

Yes, for more details contact Judy’s Roadrunners Attorney Service.

Can you advance witness fees?

Yes, limited to $15.00 and for customers in good standing.

Research questions

Are you able to guarantee that you’ll get the copies I need?

No. We have limited court access and don’t control the court file.

How can we get copies after you’ve obtained them?

We can fax, mail, or overnight them to you. Fees will correspond with your decision.

How long will it take to obtain my copies?

Depends on the court and the amount of copies needed.  Each assignment is different.

What about large copy assignments?

For large copy assignments will need to be paid in advance.  Contact Judy’s Roadrunners Attorney Service for more details.