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County Recording in California and Nationwide Courts

Call us today for daily trips to all Southern California county recorder offices

No matter where you need your documents recorded throughout Southern California, Judy’s Roadrunners Attorney Service has you covered. No more worries about mailing it, don’t risk the chance of it getting lost, or having to wait for it to be recorded on someone else’s schedule – and then wait weeks for it to be returned to you. Judy’s Roadrunners Attorney Service understands how important these things are. Allow us to do them for you.

Call us today and we’ll submit your recording documents per your instructions. Once it’s recorded, we’ll get the recording number and return to you by the next day.

Service Type:

Routine – Three Days

Rush – Same Day

Special – Filed Today (specific time)

We know the Southern California court practices inside and out

One of the many advantages of working with Judy’s Roadrunners Attorney Service is that we are familiar with all California courts and their unique practices. This can ensure not only that we get your assignments done on time, but that we can provide you accurate information on when you can expect assignments to be completed.